Master Artisan and Designer

Benjamin Hart is a classically trained artisan of the jewellery industry with over a decade’s worth of dedication to his craft. Operating out of Sydney, Australia; a focused work ethic and an innovative mind have earned him a reputation for work that is at once immaculately designed and daringly imaginative. As one of Australia’s leading young jewellery designers, he won the 2014 JAA Australasian Jewellery Award for Precious Metal.

Benjamin strives to leave a legacy of artistry, of pieces that may exude the beauty of their raw materials, but are also more than the sum of their parts. Pieces that are worn proudly, not just as mere accessories, but distinct moments, personalities and stories unto themselves. That is the passion behind every piece of Benjamin Hart Jewellery.


Pursuit of Happiness pendant: 2014 JAA Australiasian Jewellery Awards Winner


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